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Young Adults & Adults

Key Features

1. All About Communication
The first thing you will see (or won’t see) in English ID is there are no “Speaking” sections. That’s because speaking takes place in every activity.
2. All About Language
Building new language fast is essential for learners to communicate fluently and with confidence. With English ID they can do this in many different ways.
3. Look Who’s Talking!
Pronunciation can be the hardest challenge to address. English ID includes a system that really helps students to develop this skill.
4. Get it Right
The strong focus of English ID is to build fluency and communicative skills. However, students also get the resources they need to develop impressive accuracy.
5. Take Control!
From videos to authentic reading passages that are also recorded for extra listening practice, English ID is packed full of material that will involve your students and develop their skills. All the skills work is organised so you can decide what to do in class and what to set as homework.

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