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Essential materials to get Primary students back on track

The beginning of the academic year is always challenging (and exciting!), but 2020 will surely go down in teacher history as being particularly challenging, and perhaps for the students as being particularly exciting. The circumstances surrounding the last term of the previous year will likely have compromised the intended learning objectives, if not for all of the students, then at least for some.

With this in mind, Richmond is happy to offer you a solution in the shape of our Essential Start for Primary Booklets and Learning Paths.

The free Booklets for students contain an accessible, condensed collection of the most important language items from the previous term. The content is presented with generous video and audio support, so that a revisit to this material now can be done quickly and in an amenable way. Time now, given over to revising and consolidating the carefully chosen selection of content, is sure to contribute to an agile transition for all the students to the new academic year. The booklets can act as handy grammar and vocabulary references for them, as the year progresses.

For lower levels we have drawn up carefully constructed Learning Paths for teachers. Again, the objective is to make the transition to the new school year as seamless as possible. The paths indicate a sequential content route using videos and audios. They compress the most important content from the previous term into a quick, visual and audio-rich vehicle, to reach the term objectives. 

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented solutions. This is why Richmond has been happy to provide open access to a range of websites and digital materials, free resources, Term Learning Itineraries, and now, our Essential Start for Primary Booklets and Learning Paths, with their corresponding audio and video support for a successful start to the new school year. Likewise, as this year moves forward, come what may, we will continue to support teachers and families. 

The Richmond editorial team would like to thank teachers for having kept the learning process going in exceptional times. We very much hope you will allow us later to look back with you and understand that together we did our bit, we did our best.

For more information about Essential Start for Primary, please contact your local representative. 


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