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Frequently Asked Questions – Digital

In this section, you can find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the digital resources available to Richmond customers. If you have a question that isn’t listed, please get in touch with us at

1. Are languages books available in AV (Aula Virtual)?

Yes, for the vast majority of our courses. The catalogue will be fully updated by September, with the addition of the new courses and others that are yet to be added.

2. If a student has a paper copy of the Student’s Book, do they have access to the digital version?

Yes, the paper versions of our books provide access to the basic, digital, online version of the Student’s Book on the course website, with the exception of Pre-Primary.

To access it, the student should register on the website with the code printed on the inside of the book. If not available, your local representative will provide the school with the code.

3. If a student has a paper copy of the Student’s Book or Workbook, do they have access to the digital version?

No. In some cases the Workbook provides the student with some extra resources on the course website (e.g. games, additional auto-correcting online practice, etc.) but we do not have digital versions of the activity book on the website.

4. Can I track student activity on the course websites?

No, our websites are product websites and not platforms. They are designed to present a course and to provide access to its resources. There are no options for class or school registration, nor for teachers and students to communicate.

Furthermore, none of the individual elements of the website (Student’s Books, Games,

i-books) in and of themselves can be tracked, however they can be used to create activities or interactive sessions by integrating them in other, different telecommunications applications.

5. Can I track student activity on the digital versions of the Student’s Book and Workbook?

Yes. All our new English courses have an interactive, multiplatform version which allows the teacher to send all activities and track student interaction.

6. Are Richmond books compatible with all platforms?

Yes. All our new courses that have an interactive component are compatible with all platforms.

7. Are Richmond materials compatible with Google Classroom? How?

Yes, the majority of the materials on the product websites can be shared or distributed through Google Classroom.

All downloadable materials (audio files, revision, extension and evaluation worksheets), can be downloaded and shared with the students (by attaching them to an email or storing them in Google Drive).

Teachers can also use Google Classroom to create their own interactive activities (which can be tracked) with Forms.

Videos are essentially online components but can be downloaded (right click > save video) and shared.

The Teacher’s digital materials that are normally projected in class (Teacher’s i-solutions, Teacher’s i-book), can be displayed to the students via screen-sharing, using the video call application, Google Meet. The app can be downloaded or accessed online.

8. Are they compatible with Microsoft Teams?

Yes. The possible uses for Google Classroom listed above are also applicable to Teams. It’s possible to attach materials to communications, store and share materials (Onedrive or Sharepoint) and display them in video calls.

9. What does Google account integration mean?

The platform that we use with our books have or will soon have the option for Single Sign-On with Google.

This means that it will be possible to access the platform with a Gmail username and password, with the option to transfer class configuration data from Google Classroom.

10. Does Richmond have books for all teaching situations?

Yes. Our books are suitable for in-class learning, blended learning and distance learning. There are three options:

  1. Paper option - for in-class learning. This includes the paper materials, plus free access to the online Student’s Book on the course website for the student. This allows them to revise work at home with audio files, or extend and consolidate their learning with extra resources.
  2. Virtual classroom option – for blended learning. With the virtual classroom version of the Student’s Book, students will also be able to work offline and with all the features that the platform offers.
  3. 100% interactive Student’s Book and Workbook - for distance learning. This option allows the teacher to fully track student activity and is compatible with various platforms.
11. How long do the web licences last?
  • The student’s licence lasts 15 months from the date of activation (registration on the website). This is specified in the paper version of the Student’s Book.
  • The teacher’s licence lasts 1 academic year (from September to August of the following year).
12. Can I group my licences for different products into one?

Yes. On any of the platforms which Richmond uses, the teacher can group or add licences for each product as they acquire them. 

This is also possible on the course websites (for both students and teachers, for all levels and for Student’s Books and Workbooks of a given course).

13. Are the offline versions of the Teacher’s i-solutions for the most recent courses compatible with Linux?

Yes, they are compatible with Linux distributions based on Ubuntu 16.04 (2016) or later.

14. I’m having issues as my version of Linux is out of date, is there any other way of running the Teacher’s i-solutions on my computer?

Yes, these products are easily accessed online, on the website of the corresponding course.

In any case, if you update to the most recent version of Linux you will be able to use the offline version.

15. Do Linux users need special permission to run the offline versions of the Teacher’s i-solutions?

Yes. Computers using Linux should have permission to run these products in order to be able to use them. If the digital materials are not working, it’s because they need to have their permission verified.

How are they verified?

Users should go to the folder containing the product. In the toolbar, click on ‘Preferences > Sharing’. Under the section ‘Executable text files’, check the option ‘Run executable text files on opening’.