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Right Here! is the course to equip your students for the 21st century.

Key Features

1. Integrated Skills Fascinating topics are explored through the use of all four skills in linked reading, listening, speaking and writing activities.
2. Global Culture Up-to-date, global and Englishspeaking themes are presented with a focus on young people. Ideal for discussions and projects.
3. Up-to-date Communication Easy to follow, realistic communicative contexts and situations, with high frequency phrases and expressions, lead to students’ own role plays.
4. Skills for Life Guides students towards better language skills and soft skills for life.
5. Key Grammar: from Accuracy to Fluency Key grammar starts with attention to correct use of all the core grammar, and ends with generative fluency activities to give students a sense of achievement.
6. Tips for Exam Success Skill Section with tips for a lifetime of active language learning and exam tips. Students can use these strategies every day and see their language skills and soft skills improve!

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