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English for Specific Purposes

English for Specific Purposes

Matters Series

Key Features

1. High quality content, so English language learners can successfully develop their careers in rewarding and productive occupations.
2. Specifically written with the modern working environment in mind and offer skills in English based on realistic situations and practices.
3. Designed to meet the English language training needs of professionals learning in the workplace as well as students taking vocational courses.
4. Core content consists of a series of units focusing on everyday communication in the sector, using a variety of case studies as well as other authentic materials.
5. Warm up guide to introduce the topic.
6. Wealth of materials and exercises to train all competences.
7. Language boxes offering the most important vocabulary and phrases required.
8. Grammar Help section plus tip boxes with interesting cultural or language information
9. Online material such as video and audio files available for streaming or download.
10. Test Yourself page with competence-based exercises.

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