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Key Features

1. Clear structure
Vocabulary and grammar points are recycled continually as children progress, while logical lesson structures ensure that the focus is always clear at a glance.
2. Learning to Learn
Children are regularly encouraged to reflect on their own learning experience, providing the teacher with a personal impression of each child’s achievements and abilities.
3. Learning threads
Elements of the course which help to streamline the learning and teaching experience. They increase learning efficiency and evolve alongside the child’s cognitive development. This in turn motivates the children to connect with the learning process.
4. Values
Throughout GO! there is a clear emphasis on values appropriate to the children’s developmental level. The unit stories present the core values of mutual respect, sharing and teamwork to promote community spirit and develop emotional intelligence.
5. GO around the world!
Finding out about English-speaking countries around the world and how children live in other cultures is a key feature of GO!
There are also frequent opportunities for the children to bring their own lives into the classroom with personalisation activities.
6. Full video support
All songs, stories and culture lessons are accompanied by fun videos. Grammar videos in levels 3-6 also help fully explain the nuts and bolts of English.
7. GO Digital!
Fully interactive IWB materials such as games, posters and videos supported by an easy-to-follow learning path means going digital has never been easier! There is also a fun app to help build vocabulary.
8. GO Innovate! Teacher’s Guide
A comprehensive guide to incorporating innovative methodologies such as Cooperative Learning structures,
Flipped Classroom dynamics,
Thinking Routines and Drama techniques in the classroom.
GO! is aligned with the key requirements of the LOMLOE.
Innovation with GO!
Find out the many ways in which GO! allows teachers to incorporate innovation into every lesson.
Video support in GO!
With GO! you can count on a huge range of vibrant videos to support teaching and learning. Take a look!
Get ready for digital innovation!
The amazing digital components of GO! make for a completely interactive learning experience for both teachers and students

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