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May 16th
 by Nathan Whittle
Creating A Good First Impression Through Level Testing
Running an Academy /

A good approach to testing students’ levels of English will start you on the right foot to building a great personal relationship. It will help you form groups that work well and spread positive word-of-mouth about your academy. It’s a step you should never skip. Nathan Whittle explains.

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April 19th
 by Harry Waters
5 No or Little Prep Green Games
Classroom Ideas /

Are you looking to raise environmental awareness in your classroom, but you just don’t have the time? You’ve come to the right place! In this post, and in part 2 coming soon, we’ll be bringing you some activities that can be used in almost any class with little or no prep.

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March 15th
 by Nick Franklin
How to Pass Exams (and How to Get Your Students to)
Teaching Methodology /

Passing written exams with a good grade does not only require knowledge of English, it also involves careful analysis of the question(s) being asked, planning your answer and structured practice. Find out how Nick Franklin tackles EFL exam preparation in his latest post.

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February 16th
 by Lindsay Clandfield
The Art of Giving Instructions
Teaching Methodology /

More than any other teacher, English teachers have to master the art of giving instructions. Why is it so difficult and how can you make sure your student always know what to do? Lindsay Clandfield explains all!

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January 20th
 by Nick Franklin
How to Get Every Student in Class Speaking
Teaching Methodology /

Speaking in class is both essential and difficult to do. In this post, Nick Franklin explores some simple techniques and strategies to get everyone in your class speaking, sensibly, in English.

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December 15th
 by Nick Franklin
Please Sit Wherever You Like, Except There…
Teaching Methodology /

Where, how, when and to what end your students are seated is a vital factor in successful language practice. Discover Nick Franklin’s worst classroom management experience, how he learned from it and some great ideas for 21st-century ESL students.

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